SEO services that drive results

We provide a comprehensive SEO solution
to get you more traffic, leads and sales.
Coldigital have shown us in a systematic way, that with their services it is possible to rank on the first places of the most relevant searches, what allows us to grow in organic users in a profitable way.
Juan David Vizcaya Sanchez
Co-founder & COO

How we do it


Formulating a winning strategy - Our SEO experts will conduct a thorough keyword research and competitor analysis; these will help us to identify the best ranking opportunities for you, and the most effective way to seize each one of them.


Making sure your website rocks for SEO - Our tech experts will examine your site and recommend how to fully optimize it according to the latest studies and best practices. Getting your site perfectly ready for Google would positively impact your rankings.

Link building

Acquiring quality backlinks - Our team will continuously create excellent original content and get it published on high authority web pages with links to your website; gradually, this would help improve your Google rankings and increase your organic traffic.


Ensuring maximum results - Our analysts will continuously measure your website’s SEO performance and make adjustments in real time to maximize your results and reach your goals; at the same time, we will take advantage of the new opportunities that arise along the way.

Meet the partners

Roy Solomon

Roy Solomon

Founder & CEO
16 years in marketing, UX and digital businesses leadership; speaker; startup mentor.
Anyel Bautista

Anyel Bautista

Ex-IBMer; 8 years in business development and managing big accounts such as Facebook.
Sagi Solomon

Sagi Solomon

16 years in inbound marketing and web development; ranked hundreds of sites on Google.

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